Biobank centrifuge with blood samples

Organisational structure

On this website the organisational structure of the biobank is described. Additionally, there are facts about the review board and the external scientific review board.

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Organisational Structure

The ZeBanC team consists of members from different Charité departments. Professor Hummel and Professor Dietel funciton as managers of the ZeBanC project. Apart from that Professor Hufnagl is manager of the ZeBanC's IT unit. 

The adjacent picture gives an overview of the ZeBanC team. 

Organisational Structure of the ZeBanC

ZeBanC Review Board

The Central biomaterial bank of the Charité will be supervised by an Review Board. The Review Board consists of the head of the Institute of Pathology, the head of the Comprehensive Cancer Center and the head of the Institute for Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry.

Temporary Review Board members will include the person in charge of the ZeBanC project (during project phase), four Charité members, each elected for one year, as well as the person in charge of the associated biobanks in request cases concerning his/her samples.