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Der fertiggestellte Neubau der Biobank Berlin auf dem Gelände des Virchow Klinikums.

The new ZeBanC building

In 2016 the Central Biomaterial Bank of the Charité opended a new building at the Campus Virchow-Klinikum.


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The building which was completed in summer 2016 will be able to accommodate more than 2 million samples under standardised conditions with the highest quality. Various storage options with temperature ranges up to -196 ° C are available.
The majority of the stored materials are liquid bioprobes, such as blood samples or cerebrospinal fluid. In addition, there are also significant amounts of unfixed cryogenic tissue samples, which are often derived from cancer patients.
The samples together with the corresponding treatment data are encrypted and collected and stored under controlled and qualitatively safe conditions. 

The architectural office Erchinger and Wurfbaum was commissioned to develop the building.