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GendAge Studie - Age study

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On 22.05.2018 the recruitment for the age study GendAge starts GendAge is a study for sex- and gender-sensitive prevention of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases in older adults in Germany.

The study is based on the 1600 older women and men of the existing Berlin Aging Study II (BASE-II) that comprehensibly extracted variables from the fields of cardiovascular and metabolic health, socio-economics and Quality of Life.
An aim is to understand the role of gender, in addition to sex, in relation to the Analysis of cardiovascular risk factors and diseases. 

For this study blood samples are collected from the subjects for serum and plasma extraction. The collected biomaterials are processed, stored and managed by the ZeBanC.   


GendAge study


Prof. Dr. med. Ilja Demuth, Charité, Department of Endocrinology, Work Area: Lipid Metabolism, AG Biology of Aging

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