ALL-REZ Biobank

The ALL-REZ biobank as an external partner biobank of the ZeBanC collected standardised biospecimen of children / adolescents with relapse of an acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) since 2000.
Within the scope of the ALL-REZ BFM Therapy Optimisation Studies, biomaterials from pediatric oncological centers in Germany are collected for the diagnostics and research accompanying the therapy. Each year this includes bone marrow and blood of about one hundred patients at the time of recurrence and at defined times during the course of therapy. In addition to mononuclear cells, the ALL-REZ biobank stores DNA, RNA, cDNA, plasma, supernatant as well as smears, cytospins or impression smears. The database contains laboratory data which can be linked with data from the clinical ALL-REZ BFM database.

The allocation of samples for internal and external research projects is carried out according to a defined procedure. Among other things, an expert report is generated by a review board and an ethical vote is required for the specific project.

Inquiries can be sent either to the ZeBanC or to

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