ZeBanC's Scope of Services

To be able to use the ZeBanC it is important to know what kind of services are provided by this facility. 

The ZeBanC carries out a quality-oriented (ISO 9001: 2015 certification in December 2016) acquisition, storage and processing of biomaterials (tissues, fluids, derivates) and the storage of associated clinical information.

These services include:

  • Acquisition and processing of various kinds of biomaterials
  • Storage of biomaterials and their derivatives at various temperatures (up to -196 ° C)
  • Documentation of sample-specific processes
  • Assignment of clinical information
  • Support and advice on project proposals and prospective collections / studies
  • Adoption and integration of retrospective biomaterial collections
  • Usage of the ZeBanC database structure (client-specific)


In addition, we offer various services, which can be carried out on the samples. This allows interested researchers to forego their own processing or data collection.

  • Extraction of DNA and RNA from various biomaterials
  • Generation of sections from formalin-fixed and frozen tissue samples
  • HE staining of formalin-fixed and frozen sections
  • Immunohistological staining of formalin-fixed and frozen sections
  • Production of tissue microarrays of formalin-fixed tissue samples
  • Gene expression analyses using NanoString
  • if applicable amplicon-based high-density Next Generation Sequencing
  • NEW! High-resolution scanning of histological sections (virtual microscopy)


t: +49 30 450 636 275 | 450 636 377