Here you can see 2d barcoded tubes whichi are used for the storage of blood and tissue.

ZeBanC as a part of research

The following pages will give interested scientists an insight into the range of services offered by the biobank. The Core Facility section shows the use of ZeBanC as a core facility for Charitße and BIH projects. Through our web-based project inquiry portal, interested scientists and cooperation partners can apply for the use of biomaterials and data for research purposes as well as the collection of prospective collectives.

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Scope of Services

The ZeBanC conducts a quality-oriented (certification according to ISO 9001: 2015) acquisition, storage and processing of biomaterials (tissue, fluids, derivatives) and their association with clinical information. These include:

  • acquisition and processing of biomaterials of various kinds
  • storage of biomaterials and their derivatives at various temperatures (up to -196 ° C)
  • documentation of sample-specific processes
  • allocation of clinical information
  • support and advice on project proposals and prospective collections / studies
  • acquisition and integration of retrospective biomaterial collections
  • use of the ZeBanC database structure (client-specific)

  • extraction of DNA and RNA from various biomaterials
  • creation of sections from formalin-fixed and frozen tissue samples
  • H&E staining of formalin-fixed and frozen sections
  • immunohistological staining of formalin-fixed and frozen sections
  • production of tissue microarrays of formalin-fixed tissue samples
  • gene expression analyses using nanostring
  • if applicable amplicon-based high-density Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
  • NEW! High-resolution scanning of histological sections (virtual microscopy)

The biobank as a Core Facility for Charité und BIH

Biobank - slicing of a paraffin sections

For future project partners at the Charité working with biomaterials, the ZeBanC is a central platform for the quality-assured storage of the samples.
This means that within the projects no additional funds have to be applied for the establishment of a separate biobank, but that this task can be taken over by the ZeBanC.

The biobank serves not only for the quality-assured storage of all types of biomaterials, but is intended to make these available either directly or in the form of data generated from the samples within and outside the Charité. A key advantage of the Charité Core Facility "ZeBanC" is its role as a central contact for biomaterials of various origins, which represent a very wide range of different disease entities.