Projektanfrageportal (project request portal)

The Projektanfrageportal is a central platform for the management and execution of project requests at the Central Biomaterial Bank and the Tumor Biobank of the Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center (TBB-CCCC).

A key competency in the context of modern, quality-driven biobanking is the collection, storage and provision of human tissue and fluid samples for research. In addition, other services (for example material processing, quality determination, virtual microscopy) are offered to enrich the human biomaterials with additional metadata. The provision and transmission of samples and the corresponding data require a management and control mechanism to protect the property rights of the biomaterials and to comply with the applicable ethical guidelines.

To meet the needs of a secure, process-driven and QM-adequate biobank system as well as the enormously increasing number of project requests in a standardised procedure, the ZeBanC has developed a uniform and centrally available procedure with the Projektanfrageportal (project request portal).

With this in-house development, we have created a research portal that allows scientists and cooperation partners to interactively submit project proposals for the utilisation or collection of biomaterials and data for research purposes.

Initially, the project request portal is only available for Charité employees from the intranet.

If you are planning to use the project request portal, please send us an e-mail with your complete contact data. After checking your details, we will register you and provide you with your access data. From this point on, you can make full use of the project request portal.

Further development

The future implementation of the portal will be characterised by a modern and intuitive web design. Significant changes and improvements are modules for statistics, invoicing, the resumption of project requests and the availability for external researchers or cooperation partners. As a user and provider of the project request portal, the ZeBanC will prospectively provide further services within the scope of the support, the mapping of individual workflows for the request preparation and the customising with the Projektanfrageportal 2.0.

 The new version will be available by the end of the year


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